Our mission is to provide guidance and leadership to District educators, staff and administrators by working with the supplier community in the procurement of high quality goods and services, while ensuring compliance with state and federal laws, Board policies, and administrative requirements.  The Purchasing Department strives to provide systems and procedures that will make the procurement process more efficient, cost effective and user friendly.  We are committed to maximizing the tax payer’s dollar while maintaining the highest standards of ethics, integrity, public trust and transparency.

The Purchasing Department operates under Administrative Services reporting to the Vice President of Administration and CFO in the Business Office.

Purchasing Department Goals

Procurement in accordance with all District policies, procedures, state laws, and approval from the District Board of Trustees

  • Procurement in a timely manner through effective communication to meet the needs of all students, faculty, and the community and District administrators
  • As professionals in the field of purchasing, strive for maximum value for each dollar
  • Professional certification and recognition
  • Educate the District on Purchasing Policies and Procedures
  • Provide continued training to eProcurement Software Users to build skills to better use all tools available to help expedite and ease the purchasing process
  • Avoid potential personal and professional conflicts of interest
  • Promote positive supplier relationships
  • Afford equal opportunities for all vendors

Purchasing Department Objective

To be recognized as a leading Purchasing agency in customer service, innovation and cooperation while abiding by the NIGP Values and Guiding Principles of Public Procurement.


Taking ownership and being responsible to stakeholders for our actions…essential to preserve the public trust and protect the public interest.


  • Apply sound business judgment.

  • Be knowledgeable of and abide by all applicable laws and regulations.

  • Be responsible stewards of public funds.

  • Maximize competition to the greatest extent practicable.

  • Practice due diligence.

  • Promote effective, economic, and efficient acquisition.

  • Support economic, social, and sustainable communities.

  • Use procurement strategies to optimize value to stakeholders.


Acting in a manner true to these values…essential to preserve the public’s trust.


  • Act and conduct business with honesty and integrity, avoiding even the appearance of impropriety.

  • Maintain consistency in all processes and actions.

  • Meet the ethical standards of the profession.


Unbiased decision-making and action…essential to ensure fairness for the public good.


  • Be open, fair, impartial, and non-discriminatory in all processes.

  • Treat suppliers equitably, without discrimination, and without imposing unnecessary constraints on the competitive market.

  • Use sound professional judgment within established legal frameworks to balance competing interests among stakeholders. 

Upholding high standards of job performance and ethical behavior…essential to balance diverse public interests.


  • Be led by those with education, experience, and professional certification in public procurement.

  • Continually contribute value to the organization.

  • Continually develop as a profession through education, mentorship, innovation, and partnerships.

  • Develop, support, and promote the highest professional standards in order to serve the public good.

  • Seek continuous improvement through on-going training, education, and skill enhancement.


Obligation to assist stakeholders…essential to support the public good.


  • Be a crucial resource and strategic partner within the organization and community.

  • Develop and maintain relationships with stakeholders.

  • Develop collaborative partnerships to meet public needs.

  • Maintain a customer-service focus while meeting the needs, and protecting the interests, of the organization and the public.


Easily accessible and understandable policies and processes…essential to demonstrate responsible use of public funds.


  • Exercise discretion in the release of confidential information.

  • Maintain current and complete policies, procedures, and records.

  • Provide open access to competitive opportunities.

  • Provide timely access to procurement policies, procedures, and records.

 Code of Ethics

The Collin County Community College District's Purchasing Department has adopted and abides by the following Ethics Policy.  A copy signed by the Director of Purchasing can be found by clicking on this link.

Requisition Cut-Off Dates


  • Requisitions over $15,000 should have been submitted by May 1st of the current fiscal year for items that are not currently under contract, need to be quoted/bid, need Board approval or being purchased under a cooperative;
  • Requisitions with long lead times (i.e. furniture) should have been received in Purchasing by July 1st of the current fiscal year;
  • Requisitions that have short lead times must be received in Purchasing prior to August 15th of the current fiscal year to allow an adequate amount of time for the orders to be processed, delivered and received by the end of the fiscal year.
  • Orders from Staples, which have next day delivery, can be placed until August 27th.  Please check the estimated delivery on the Staples punch-out prior to submitting your requisition as some items may not be eligible for next day delivery;
  • Requisitions for emergency repairs of equipment and facilities can be processed through August 30th if the work will be completed by August 30th;
  • Orders for America To Go may be placed for service to be provided through August 30th;
  • Purchases using p-cards can be used up until the end of the fiscal year, but please be advised that any purchases made with your p-card after the August billing period (approximately August 25th) will be charged to next fiscal year’s budget;
  • If you are not sure of where your order falls within the above categories, please contact purchasing for assistance;
  • Cindy White, Director of Purchasing, MUST APPROVE any other exceptions.


  • Requisitions for the next fiscal year will not be processed until September 1st (or after).
  • Only requisitions for classroom supplies for the next fiscal year will be processed prior to September 1st, unless an exception is approved by Cindy White, Director of Purchasing.  The delivery date for requisitions in CougarMart automatically defaults to 2 weeks after the date the draft cart is created.  For classroom supply orders placed in July, the delivery date must be changed to August 1st or after.  Open purchase orders, except for classroom supplies, will not be processed until the 1st of September.
  • All requisitions for the next fiscal year that are created prior to September 1st must have an "Accounting Date" (shown in the General section of the Requisition Summary) of September 1, 2019 for FY20).  (You can find instructions for accessing and editing the General section in the Requisitioner’s Guide on page 11, steps 16 thru 18.) This will ensure that your requisition is charged to the FY20 budget and that your requisitions will not fail Banner Budget Authorization.  September will be the only month that is open prior to the fiscal year beginning; therefore, you will not be able to use an Accounting Date that is not in the month of September.  Requisitions not conforming to this procedure will be canceled and will have to be recreated.
  • For Classroom Supplies, the Req Delivery (Date) on the Shipping tab of your requisitions must be edited/changed to 8/1/2019 or later (see page 13, steps 25 and 26 for instructions). When you create FY20 Classroom Supply requisitions, please select clause 248 that states "*** Do NOT deliver before August 1, 2019.*** . (See step 35 on page 18 of the CougarMart Requsitioner Guide for instructions on selecting and saving a document level clause.) See pages 68 thru 70 in the Requisitioner's Guide for more information on processing next fiscal year requisitions.
  • **Important** - If you are placing a classroom supply order thru a punch-out supplier, such as Staples, America To Go, B&H, Dell, Fastenal, Grainger, Thermo Fisher, VWR, Amazon, and these companies normally ship and deliver quickly, such as less than three weeks, please hold your orders until the appropriate time, such as 8/1/2019.  The purchase orders for these suppliers are transmitted electronically and the delivery date and clauses are not passed to them.
  • For America To Go orders that need to be placed before September 1st  that will be funded from FY20 budget and delivered after September 1st, please use the September 1, 2019 Accounting Date as indicated above.  These will be processed before September 1st to ensure delivery for events that take place early in the fiscal year.
  • Requisitions for items other than classroom supplies should not be created until August 15th or later.  Once created they should be left in draft cart status and submitted for processing September 1st or after.  Before proceeding to checkout each draft cart delivery date will need to be checked, and changed if applicable, to ensure enough time for the requisition to flow through the approval path and be processed as a PO (approximately 2 weeks).  These carts do NOT need an Accounting Date.
  • All requisitions created for the next fiscal year will be in suspense until the budget is loaded in Banner.
  • When creating open purchase order requisitions for next FY, using the declining balance/open purchase order form, please evaluate the annual spend from the current fiscal year to determine the amount you should request for next FY.  You are not limited on the dollar amount of your open purchase order, except that you should not purchase items that exceed a unit cost of $500 using an open purchase order.  If you have any declining balance purchase orders that were not used, DO NOT request a declining balance purchase order be created for those vendors for the new fiscal year.  Purchasing will reject any requisitions for a declining balance purchase order for a vendor that had a declining balance purchase order during the current fiscal year that was unused by the requesting department.   Wanting to have a declining balance purchase order in place “just in case you need to use them” is unacceptable.  With the changes to approval paths over the past years, over 70% of requisitions are processed to purchase order in one day or less.  You are allowed to do a change order to your open purchase orders throughout the year, as long as the purchase order is still open.  You are responsible for keeping up with the balance on your open purchase orders. If they run out of funds, the open purchase order will be closed.
  • Open purchase orders that have both a non-catalog form for monthly payments and the declining balance/open purchase order for variable amounts, such as unscheduled events or overage, the declining balance/open purchase order form should be replaced with the non-catalog form.  On the non-catalog form, reverse the quantity and the dollar amount.  The dollar amount should be $1.  This will allow everything on this order to be a quantity receipt.

As a reminder, you can find the link to the CougarMart Requisitioner Guide on the landing page of CougarMart or on the Purchasing Department Intranet page.