Below are selected digital resources related to fundamental teaching issues and common concerns. These resources provide practical
strategies and research-supported methods to help inform our work in the classroom. 

Academic Integrity

Active Learning and Student Engagement

Assessment Practices

Assignment Design

Backward Design

Classroom Management

Collaborative Learning (aka, Group Work)

Controversy in the Classroom (section in progress)
 Culturally Responsive Teaching and Inclusivity
in the Classroom

 Critical Thinking

 Establishing Rapport with Students

Facilitating Discussion


     General Grading Practices

     Contract Grading

    Specifications Grading

Improving Student Study Skills and Preparation

Learning Objectives and Alignment

Learning Theory

     General Overviews


   Social Learning

     Contruction of Knowledge

     Transfer of Knowledge

     The Neuroscience of Learning

Lecturing Effectively


Student Motivation

Syllabus Creation

Universal Design for Learning