Video/Recording Options



A number of options are available to faculty looking to record videos for their classes. Open the tabs below to read them in order to learn about how you can use these options to record, and/or store and share videos with your learners. 


Zoom is a recording tool...

Though it is possible to record live Zoom meetings, it is also possible to record in Zoom while offline (not in a meeting). Many faculty use Zoom this way to create video lessons such as voice over PowerPoints.

Once your Zoom video is finished recording, the video file needs to be available for student access. The video should be hosted from a service like Microsoft Stream or Canvas Studio rather than (and not recommended) simply uploaded directly into Canvas.

Instructions for all this can be found in the links below...

To learn more about Zoom in general, go to our dedicated Zoom page by clicking here: Zoom Home Page.

Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio allows you to store, share and record videos...

Canvas Studio is a video management tool that allows faculty to upload video straight into Canvas without taking up vital space in their courses. For more in-depth information regarding Canvas Studio please watch our webinar recordings HERE (Requires you be logged into Office 365).

Visit the Canvas Studio web page for more information on how you can upload an existing video, create a webcam or screen capture video and how these can be used in your courses.

Microsoft Stream

MS Stream allows to store and share videos...

MS Stream is a hosting solution similar to YouTube that allows faculty practically unlimited data to store their own videos. The advantage MS Stream possesses is it's position within the Microsoft ecosystem, meaning you do not have to log-in in anywhere else besides CougarWeb to access your videos. Only those with a Microsoft e-mail account will be able to view video content in MS Stream. As all students at Collin are due to posses Microsoft email addresses (, MS Stream becomes a very attractive solution for hosting video content.

Watch the videos below to learn more.


YouTube is an alternative to Studio and MS Steam for storing and sharing videos...

All those who are given a Collin email address ( can use it to create their own (strictly work-related) YouTube channel. Similar to MS Stream, YouTube hosts your videos so that you do not need to take up precious course space. These videos can than be linked/shared to your course for your students to view.

Watch the videos below to learn more.

eLC Lab Recording Tools

The eLC Labs located on each Collin Campus have recoding tool available with an appointment...

The eLC labs have a variety tools available for staff and faculty to use for media creation for online course content or departmental projects.
An appointment for a consultation or conversation with one of the instructional Technologists is strongly urged to discuss your project and decide the best tools to use and course of action.

Appointments are:

  • On a first-come, first-served basis
  • Available in person and online
  • Typically 30 or 60 minutes in length
  • Reserved by calling 972.881.5870 or emailing

To learn more about what tools and services are available, as well as how to make an appointment, CLICK HERE.

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