Proctored Exams for Online Courses


  • Faculty may determine the manner of assessment (see below) based on their discipline and instructional design needs.
  • Communication requirements for ​high-stakes exams offered in an online, hybrid, or blended course:
    • Inform students of testing expectations such as computer/tablet/smartphone, webcam, microphone, and/or scheduling a time to come to campus to take the exam.
    • Provide the link to Student Proctored Exam Information Page as well as the Collin College Online Exam Procedures.
    • Make sure that this information is provided in multiple locations such as the​ Course Record Notes, Concourse Syllabus, Course Schedule, Assessment Instructions, and Class Announcements.
  • ​Test Location Options:
    • Fully Online Courses: All student assignment submissions, including exams, must be online in Canvas or through the approved publisher content. While students can not be required to test on campus, they may be provided the option of testing on campus. NOTE: This includes Live (Synchronous) Online Courses.
    • Blended Courses: Students can be required to take exams on campus or online. It is up to the faculty’s discretion whether to offer a combination of Honorlock and on-campus testing for blended courses or not. All other student assignment submissions are online in Canvas or through the approved publisher content.
    • Hybrid Courses: Since there are regularly scheduled class time meetings, exams are expected to be taken on campus. All other student assignments are divided between on-campus meetings and online components.
  • Contact your Associate Dean or Dean  if you have additional questions about high-stakes exams. 


High-Stakes Exam Options

The following is a list of available options. Faculty may use other equally good options that they may have used before.

Honorlock Proctoring  is available for the following Collin College credit courses:

  • Fully Online Courses
  • Live (Synchronous) Online Courses
  • Blended Courses

The cost per exam is $5 per exam per student. Collin College covers the cost of Honorlock. Students will not be responsible for any fees. 

Faculty are strongly encouraged to limit the use of Honorlock to two high stakes exams with the understanding that, based on discipline and instructional design needs, instructors may determine the need for additional exams proctored through Honorlock or other means.

Exams proctored by Honorlock without the use of a webcam and microphone are NOT recommended for the following reasons:

  • Without a webcam and microphone, there is no assurance for verifying the identity of the student taking the test.
  • Honorlock will still charge the college the standard fee for the exam.

Respondus Lockdown Browser remains available for securing online exams in computer classrooms or other campus settings like a testing center. Respondus Lockdown Browser alone is NOT a proctored exam.

We do not recommend requiring students to use Respondus Lockdown Browser on their own devices while unsupervised. While Respondus Lockdown Browser prevents access to other application on that particular device, it does not prevent any one else from assisting or using other devices like a smart phone.

Instructor-Proctored Exam:Schedule a computer classroom through the VPP’s office to do on-campus testing. Suggestion: Schedule more than one day/time for testing to take into account social distancing.

Collin Testing Centers:  As long as campuses are open and ready to serve students in person, the Collin Testing Centers are available. Contact information for each of the testing centers is available here: 

Other testing centers (instructor responsibility) If an instructor approves the use of remote proctored testing centers, such as another college testing center, it is the instructor’s responsibility to approve the testing center and provide the exams and instructions to the testing center. The student is responsible for any exam fees.

The eLC Instructional Designers can assist in providing suggested exam instructions as well as guide you on how to manage grading. 

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  • Provide a statement in your syllabus regarding your testing policies, including whether you allow remote proctored testing at testing centers and/or online remote proctored testing with Honorlock. 
    • If you are teaching a blended or hybrid course that will require exams to be taken at the Collin College testing centers, state that in your Course Record Notes AND your syllabus.
  • Give students a deadline far enough in advance of your first proctored exam to indicate whether or not they will need remote-proctored testing. 
  • Verify that students have
    1. The link to the Student Proctored Exam Information Page
    2. The Collin College Online Exam Procedures which outlines the proctoring process and examination security expectations for Collin College students enrolled in online courses.
    3. An understanding of the Collin College Student Code of Conduct, located in the Student Handbook: That academic ethics and scholastic dishonesty policies outlined in the Collin College Student Code of Conduct apply to all classes, including fully online classes.

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