OAB Resources


Course Development Resources

  • A Course Framework is available through Canvas Commons.This can be added to any course from Canvas Commons. Using this framework meets 10 of the required standards of the Online Course Template Checklist.
  • OAB Self-Review Directions - All faculty are encouraged to complete a self-review of their course(s) using the OAB rubric in the Custom Review area of the Quality Matters online portal. The information you gather in the self-review is very useful to include in the Course Worksheet.
  • Access the Quality Matters site to start a self-review, Course Representative submission of the Course Worksheet, and to attend QM free webinars.
    • If an individual registers for a fee-based workshop through the Quality Matters site, they will be responsible for the cost of that workshop.
    • Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) and other QM workshops are at no charge to the individual or department only if registered through the eLC.

 Adopting an Approved Template

  • Your District Discipline Lead and District Discipline Dean have access to course templates and are able to share course content with you directly. 
  • Contact the eLC and request a copy of the template.
  • How to Import a Canvas Template
Online Resources

Online Faculty Certifications

1. Successful completion of the Teaching with Canvas at Collin College course is required of all faculty.

Check to see if you have already completed this: Teaching with Canvas Search 

In the search you only need to enter your first and last name. You don't need to enter a supervisor. The supervisor listed is the supervisor at the time of completion. 

2. Successful completion of the Quality MattersApplying the QM Rubric (APPQMR) workshop or Improving Your Online Course (IYOC) workshop is required for any faculty teaching a fully online course. Both workshops are available from the eLC and can be found on their Professional Development page. 

If there are any issues with using these databases or registration, contact elc@collin.edu so that an eLC staff member can assist.

 OAB Membership Committee

Online Advisory Board 

Online Advisory Board Members - List of current OAB members, with contact information.


Meet with an Instructional Designer

Appointments with the eLC - We recommend you make an appointment with an Instructional Designer before completing the OAB review.


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  • The eLC creates and supports dynamic, engaging teaching and learning experiences.
eLC Campus Locations:

Frisco H207
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Bridget Vosloo, Instructional Designer
Roy Brookshire, Instructional Technologist
Jocelyn Isais, eLearning Assistant

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Andrew Campbell, Instructional Designer

Manager of eLearning Projects and Production
Summer Helm

Director eLearning Accessibility and Compliance
Pamela Darling-Facio
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Dean, Technology Support/eLearning Centers
Ann Blackman
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