OAB Course Review Process


Priority of OAB Course Reviews

  • Priority 1 Reviews: Summer and Fall blended and fully online courses that have never been taught online before.
    • Only one template for each affected courses, assigned by the District Discipline Dean, will be considered "Priority 1."
    • Template Teams are assigned by the District Discipline Dean. 
  • Priority 2 Reviews: All templates that have not been reviewed since 2017 as well as any newer templates that lack any content.
  • Priority 3 Reviews: Any new and/or updated single courses.

This means no Priority 2 nor 3 reviews will be started until Priority 1 reviews are complete.

Accommodations Due to COVID-19

  • Any blended or fully online course, single or template, that has been approved by the OAB, may be taught as is, through December 2020.
    • This acknowledges the volume of templates and the time needed to create new templates as well as update outdated existing templates.
  • At this time, hybrid courses are not required to complete an OAB review.
  • Any single courses that were previously approved by the OAB do not need to be submitted to the OAB at this time.

Is your course Online? Blended? Or a Hybrid? Check these resources:

Which courses have been submitted for OAB review? 

If you believe there are any discrepancies in these databases, first communicate with the appropriate District Discipline Lead. If there are further questions, email Ann Blackman.


The Course Review Process

  1. With the District Discipline Dean's approval, the assigned faculty that is either creating a new template or updating a previously approved single or template course, submits the:
    • OAB Intent to Review Form. This form notifies the eLC and OAB that a blended or fully online course is being developed. Courses are not expected to be complete yet.
  2. An email reply from the eLC will confirm receipt of the Intent to Review and provide detailed directions including:
    1. Course Review Checklist - A PDF version of Collin College's custom rubric. NOTE: ALL components of Standards 1 - 4 of the rubric are required to be approved by the OAB.
    2. Course Review Worksheet - A PDF version of the worksheet the Course Representative (the lead faculty member of the course design team) is required to complete online, in the Quality Matters Course Review System.
  3. The eLC Course Review Staff will start a Collin College review application in QM Custom Reviews. The designated Course Representative will be added to the review application.
  4. After the course has been designed and/or updated, it is the Course Representative, District Discipline Dean, and/or District Discipline Faculty Lead's responsibility to verify that all components of the Course Review Checklist and Course Review Worksheet are being met.
  5. The Course Representative must log into the Quality Matters site to submit the Course Review Worksheet in "My Custom Reviews".
    • Submitting the Course Worksheet online officially begins the review process. A 3-person OAB Review Team will then be assigned and scheduled to review the course.
  6. When the review has been completed, the Course Representative, District Discipline Dean and the District Discipline Faculty Lead will receive an email with a final report designated as "Course Met Standards" or "Course Not Yet Met Standards."
    • If a course has met standards, the Course Representative will electronically sign the review in Quality Matters, using the Review Outcome Response Form. The Course Representative will continue to have access to the Final Report online in the Closed Reviews section of the Custom Reviews in Quality Matters. 
    • If a course does not meet standards, a link to complete the Review Outcome Response Form will be included. The Course Representative has 14 days to complete Review Outcome Response Form. After updates have been made to the course, the course representative will complete the Amendment Form. The OAB Lead Reviewer will review the Amendment Form and mark the course as Met Standards or Not Yet Met on the Amendment Form.

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