What is SmarterMeasure?

SmarterMeasure is a tool that can help you assess learning readiness of your students in an online course. SmarterMeasure is an indicator of the degree to which distance learning will be a good fit for your students. SmarterMeasure will help prepare students to be successful as a distance learning student.

Students are not penalized for guessing on the SmarterMeasure assessment, so they are encouraged to enter an answer for each question on the assessment. Upon completion of SmarterMeasure, students will receive a score report which will not only help you and the your students understand their strengths and opportunities for improvement, but will also provide them resources to help them succeed.

SmarterMeasure can assess: 

·       Life Factors

·       Individual Attributes

·       Learning Styles

·       Reading Rate & Recall

·       Technical Knowledge

·       Typing Speed & Accuracy


Can I use SmarterMeasure in my Canvas Course?

Yes. You can create an assignment in Canvas that uses SmarterMeasure as an external tool. You can assign points to the assessment. All possible points are awarded when the assessment is completed by a student. Partial points cannot be awarded. You can set up the assessment as complete or not complete, points, or a letter grade. If a student completes the assessment they are awarded all possible points.

How do I Create a SmarterMeasure Assessment?

  1. - Start by creating a new Assignment (click the + Assignment button in the Assignments page.
  2. - Set your Assignment parameters for Points, Group, Display Grade As.
  3. - Under the Submission Type, choose External Tool from the drop-down.
  4. - Click Find in the External Tool area.
  5. - Scroll down to SmarterMeasure (the list is in alpahbetical order), click SmarterMeasure, and then click Select.
  6. - Set your Available, Until and Due date.
  7. - Click Save or Save and Publish if you are ready for students to view the assessment.
  8. - Add the assessment to a Module for students to access it.

    This will also create a column in your Grades link.

    For more detailed directions you can use the link to download a Help Document. SmarterMeasure Assessments in Canvas

How do I View the Results?

  1. - After students take the SmarterMeasure assessment, you can click the assignment from the Grades link, the Modules, or the Assignements page.
  2. - In the top right you will see a link to View Results. This page will list all students who have completed the SmarterMeasure assessment along with their readiness for each of the six areas measured. 
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