A Conversation on Gamification with Dr. Karl Kapp.

Resources provided by and recommend by Dr. Karl Kapp.


eLC's Toolbox on Gamification

How do I login to Canvas?

Collin College uses Canvas as the online course management system for the college. Canvas is accessed through the college’s online portal, CougarWeb. Once logged in, select the “My Courses” tab and click on the “Click here to access Canvas” link.

What is Gamification?

                          Source: Gamification Resources authored by Karl Kapp

In locate the course "The Gamification of Learning and Instruction" by Karl Kapp "which can help with understanding gamification concepts and ideas."

Articles and Information on Gamification

TED-ED Resources:

Source: Game designer Jane McGonigal interviewed by Cameron Evans, U.S. Education CTO, Microsoft

EDUTOPIA Resources:


Article: Perry, E. (August, 14, 2017). Engaging Students in Online Courses: Adding Experiential to Asynchony

The Innovative Instructor Blog

What is Gamification and Why Use It in Teaching?

Academic Exchange Quarterly

Lee, J. J. & Hammer, J. (2011). Gamification in Education: What, How, Why Bother? Academic Exchange Quarterly, 15(2):

Semantic Scholar

Huang, W. H., & Soman, D. (2013). A Practitioner’s Guide To Gamification Of Education

Games In Your Courses

Canvas and Gamification

This is a group for anyone interested in gamifying elements in their Canvas courses: Gamification Group

Gamification-related Technolgy and Software available in the eLC

  • Whisper Room (More information coming soon.)

View Example of Articulate Games

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