Canvas Gradebook Resources

 Canvas Gradebook Resources

Grades can serve as a communication tool between students and instructors and allow instructors to track the progress of students.

The Gradebook stores all information about student progress in the course, measuring both letter grades and course outcomes.

Columns are automatically created in the Gradebook when you create Assignments, graded Discussions, and graded Quizzes and Surveys. A gradebook column is also automatically added for the Attendance tool.

Canvas and Collin College recently launched a new and improved gradebook tool. This was automatically deployed in May 2019 and you don't need to do anything in your course to utilize the new gradebook. Below are resources you can utilize to learn about some fo the new gradebook features.

Canvas Community - New Gradebook Guides

Canvas Instructure New Gradebook Demo (VIDEO)

Functionality Comparison - New vs. Old Gradebook

eLC New Canvas Gradebook Webinar - July 2019 (VIDEO)

New Grade Posting Policy Release Notes

New Grade Posting Feature (VIDEO)



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