How Can The eLC Help You?

Time to get ready for Fall 2018: Click on Professional Development to reserve your spot at an eLC Canvas Bootcamp, schedule a Canvas Course Shell Readiness Workshop and more!

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 Whether you’re designing a course, wanting to create a multi-media module, or just need some new ideas on using technology for teaching and learning, eLC staff are available for both one-on-one and group appointments.

may  Instructional Design & Instructional Technology Appointments

may  Need to Create Course Media?

may  Need to update or Create a Faculty or Event WEB PAGE?

Faculty/Staff Technical Support

To report problems with office computers, printers, software, Banner, and other employee systems, contact Faculty/Staff Technical Support 

Employee Technical Support: (972) 548.6555
Employee Technical Support E-Mail:



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Monday – Thursday: 8am – 6pm
Friday: 8am – 5pm
Available via phone, email, and by appointment
The fastest way to contact any eLC Staff:
Phone: 972.881.5870

  • Assisting all faculty in teaching and learning with technology
eLC Campus Locations:
Frisco (PRC) H207
Francis Choy, Instructional Designer
Andrew Campbell, Instructional Technologist
Parashar Amin, ID Assistant (pt)

McKinney (CPC) LA232
Ben Miro, Instructional Designer
Summer Helm, Instructional Technologist
Pamela Darling-Facio, ID Assistant (pt)

Plano (SCC) L257
Brad Hennigan, Instructional Designer
Roy Brookshire, Instructional Technologist
Ophelia Eftekhar, ID Assistant (pt)
Director, eLearning Centers

Ann Blackman
Telephone: 972.516.5016