How Do I?

Getting Started

How do I login?

There is a channel in CougarWeb on the Faculty tab with the link to access Canvas; Single signon capabilities have been added and you will no longer be required to enter an additional username and password.

What if I can’t login?

Verify you are using the correct username and password - the same as for CougarWeb.  Please send an email to if you have difficulty accessing Canvas.

What is my username and password? 

Your username and password are the same as CougarWeb, network access, and email.

What is my password or can I change my password?

To change your Canvas password, you will need to change your network password.  Please check with the Employee Help Desk for information.

When will I be able to access my course?

Sandbox courses are now available. Full-time faculty have two sandbox courses and associate faculty have one sandbox course.

Where can I find information on Canvas features/tools? 

One place you can find information on features/tools is in the Five Steps to Get Moving with Canvas page.  You can also attend any number of Professional Development Workshops made available by the eLC and lastly you can check out the Canvas Instructor Guide and other resources made available by Canvas Instructure.

Training and Workshops

Will there be training and workshops on Canvas? When?

The eLearning Center (eLC) will be offering a variety of Canvas training and workshops before the start of each semester. Keep an eye out for emails from Ann Blackman that will provide updates on workshops. In addition, the most current schedules are located on the eLC Professional Development Workshops page.

How do I learn to use Canvas?

Start with an eLC workshop

Are there other training resources?

Yes! Online resources are available at

Who do I contact for general questions?

In addition to workshops and the online resources, the eLC staff are available to troubleshoot and provide direction. They can be reached at 972.881.5870 or  

Do I have to start from scratch to create my course in Canvas?

If you have an existing Canvas course from a prior semester, you can do a course copy. If another faculty member has an existing course, they can export their course and then you can import it into your course shell.

Canvas - Faculty and Student Access

When will our courses be ready on Canvas for the fall/spring term?

Once the schedule of classes has been finalized, WebServices will being to create and deploy course shells in Canvas. You should see your course shells in Canvas a few weeks after the schedule has been finalized.

When will students have access to their Canvas courses?

Students will have access beginning at 12:00 AM on the first official day of classes.

When will students no longer have access to their courses?

Students will no longer have at 12:00 PM on the last official day of classes.

About the Students

Will students have any training or orientation on Canvas? 

Students can access training by visiting the Student Introduction to Canvas course in Canvas. Additional Canvas resources can be found by going to Canvas Student Guide.

How can students learn more about Canvas?

For assistance with Canvas, students can click on the help button on the bottom far left side navigation inside their Canvas course. Additional Canvas resources can be found by going to, clicking Resources, then eLearning Centers. There are links for both prospective and current students.

Who will students call for support?

For assistance with Canvas, students can click on the help button on the bottom far left side navigation inside their Canvas course.

Sandbox Courses

What is a sandbox course?

The sandbox courses give Collin faculty a place to explore and learn to use Canvas. Workshops are available for faculty to prepare their courses for the move as well as to explore Canvas and learn about the new tools and build courses.

I don’t see my sandbox course, what do I do?

If you are full time faculty memeber you should have two sandbox accounts; if you are an associate faculty you will have one sandbox. If you don't have the correct number of sandbox courses in Canvas, you can send an email to

Can we have more than two sandbox courses?

If you have an instructional need for more than two sandbox accounts (or one for associate faculty), you can complete the Canvas Request Form.

Tech Time

Who do we contact for technical support or how do I get assistance with Canvas?

The eLC will continue to provide support for Canvas. You can visit our page at CougarWeb, give us a call at 972.881.5870 or send us an email to We always look forward to hearing from faculty.

Which browsers does Canvas support?

The most current list of supported browsers is available here.

Will Canvas work on mobile devices?

Most features are supported on mobile devices; however, Canvas recommends using their mobile application.

Does Canvas have mobile apps?

Yes, Canvas has mobile applications for use on phones and tablets. More information is available here.

Do you have a question that's not listed here? Email us at In addition to answering questions individually, we want to use this space to share FAQ's with our Canvas learning community.